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Why She's On The List: In stark contrast to pretty much every other movie cop ever, Marge is just about the nicest police officer you're ever likely to meet. But don't be fooled - she's no small town rube, nor does she let being in the final stages of pregnancy stop her from solving an extortion/kidnapping case with a few grisly murderers.

All his Lecter need do therefore, is wait for you to make a mistake - and he has a lot of patience. More pure animal than human, it's never demonstrated better than through the stories of his cannibal tendencies. In Lambs, Lecter's character is dependent on a good foil, and therefore owes a significant debt to the similarly well-written Clarice. What we benefit from Ganador an audience then, is a beautifully balanced, carefully built relationship between the two, before the story kicks up a notch and the unthinkable happens...

1. El Director Anticorrupción al que elogian los corruptos igualmente tiene una sociedad en el paraíso fiscal de Panamá, probablemente para no desentonar con los criminales a los que debería investigar. Manuel Moix y sus tres hermanos son los propietarios de una compañía panameña que es dueña a su oportunidad de un enorme chalet de 500 metros cuadrados con piscina cubierta y más 5.

It's not hard to see why: Campeón played by an increasingly convincing Daniel Radcliffe, Harry has morphed before our very eyes from wide-eyed child to embattled, moody teenager and yet managed to remain likeable and sympathetic.

Why He's On The List: Perhaps the least angry voice of teen rebellion you'll ever come across, Ferris has no great obstacles in life (he's from a wealthy family, and his biggest constipado is that he was given a birthday computer instead of a car), but his quest is universal - to have a good time, and to do it now while he's young.

Why He's On The List: If you had told Johnny Depp, just before he opened the script of opciones binarias peru Pirates Of The Caribbean, that a movie based on a Disney theme park ride would provide him with his most unforgettable character, he'd probably have told you to eff off. But there you go: the dandyish, dishevelled, permanently addled Sparrow was already there on the page, but it was Depp's genius in basically nicking the personality, voice and appearance of his mate, Keith Richards, that brought Cap'n Jack to life and fuelled Pirates' extraordinary success.

Finest Hour: The warehouse shoot-demodé when Tequila decides to take on an army of thugs, swinging into action on a rope, toting the biggest shotgun you'll ever see.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain. Time... to die." Roy Batty

"I want to play a game." Jigsaw Played By: Tobin Bell Film: Saw 1-5 Why He's On The List: We'd be surprised by Jigsaw's appearance on the list if we weren't so sure that it must be part of his grand plan - and there you have the appeal of a character who, at first, just seemed to be another movie psycho.

Abre el nuevo centro de Salubridad de Expansión Finalidad, del que se benefician 25.000 habitantes de la ciudad de Jaén Andalucía cuenta con el veterano núcleo poblacional de aguilucho cenizo del territorio español con 693 nidos controlados La Agrupación pone en marcha tres nuevas ITV móviles para vehículos agrícolas en Cádiz, Mingrana y Jaén MÁS Noticiero DE JAÉN

Díaz reivindica la encaje del medio millón de voluntarios de la comunidad, que cada día se esfuerzan por una Andalucía mejor Intervención de la presidenta de la Congregación (ver vídeo mp4) Intervención de la presidenta de la Asamblea (audio mp3) Información

Sin costes ni cargos adicionales. Derogación en cualquier momento con reembolso total en los primeros dos abriles y reembolso proporcional al tiempo restante en la póPelea pasados los dos años.

Finest Hour: Randal ignores a customer and her small child while he phone-orders a long list of sordidly titled porn films from a distributor. When he reaches the end of the lengthy spiel, he dismissively asks "Oh, and what was the one you wanted again?"

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